Details About Free Audit

Details About Free Audit

So you are interested in a free audit but you want some more detail...

So after two and a half years of procrastination I have finally launched my first product 10-minute SEO audits.

Why has it taken 2 and a half years?

Well to be 100% honest I have less than $10 left in my business bank account so its the kick up the arse I needed.

So What Do You Get?

The SEO audit is basically a Loom screen recording of me critiquing your website for 10 minutes where I try and provide as much value in a 10-miunte period.

In the recording there will be a set of actionable recommendations that you can use to improve your SEO.

So why are you offering this for free?

Well to be honest I'm not. I am offering it to you for FREE because I need some examples but for the same service I will be charging $39.

My aim is to do a review of your website and use that as an example video on my landing page.

In a best case scenario either three things will happen:

  • You will let me audit your website and others will be impressed with my work.
  • You will listen to the audit, fix everything I tell you to fix. Your rankings will increase and I will get to use your video and your words as a testmonial.
  • Or you can just pay me to a private audit and I will have to go and look else where for an example case study.

What if you aren't happy with the output?

Well if you have paid I will give you a full refund and delete the video.

If you haven't paid, I will still delete the video.

I'm charging $39 for an audit.

So you can tell I'm not doing this to get rich.

I'm doing it so I can find some potential clients that I can help and grow their organic traffic.

So who is Ricky anyway?

  • My Name is Ricky.
  • I am 38 (wow that is the first time this year I have wrote my age since my birthday in January) years old.
  • I live just outside Cambridge in the UK.
  • I have over 17 years' experience working in SEO
  • I have worked agency side and inhouse.
  • In my day job I am currently the Head of SEO for Europe for a 1.5 billion turnover clothing business.
  • Prior to working in clothing I used to work as an inbound marketing manager at a software startup and miss doing leadgen and working with SaaS's. Clothing is sooooooo boring.
  • My short term aim is to earn enough to leave my current job.
  • And my long term aim is to own a 50+ person agency offering SEO and marketing services to SaaS businesses.

What happens if I'm still not convinced?

Forget about it.

I'm not going to chase you.

Not because I'm not persistent, because I am.

Its just I don't have the money to get a Woodpeaker, Yesware or Milkshake account just yet.

If you can't see that I'm just trying to get a win win then I wish you all the best.

And if you are still reading this...

Click this link, buy and audit and let me use it in my showcase so I get paid and I also am able to finish my sales page.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.